it's time to play

““Balance To Move””

Tajogan is a traditional game that is known almost in all corners of the village in Bali. Tajogan is a game that puts a balance on the body. Children and adults in Bali play Tajog along with the kite flying season after the Rice Harvest in the rice fields.


“The Bowl Coconut”

Balinese children love to play by stepping on two pieces of coconut shell or called kawu tied with rope. Balinese play this in the form of group competition. It also often becomes a game after harvest, to be grateful for good and abundant crops


“Balinese Wood Hurricane”

Gangsing is a custom game played during ceremonies in the Karangasem area of Bali. But almost every Balinese in the village likes to play objects thrown with rope to spin fast on the runway


“Throw your rock and catch it again”

Mecingklak is a light game by playing small flat rocks or Pipis Bolong which is a kind of coin from the material of 5 types of metal in the middle of perforated. This money is a monetary value that marks the influx of the great influence of Chinese culture to Bali


“Distance Bhutakala”

Ogoh-ogoh in addition to being an important ritual in welcoming the New Year of Saka for the Balinese, is also part of the traditional game played since antiquity among the rural Balinese


Madengkleng-dengklengan Batu Lima
“Balancing to move”

This game is played when the Balinese gather at a point in a village. Usually more after the harvest season between August and November